We insist that the dignity, health, welfare, and development of ​ALL children is of paramount importance to society as a whole...

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Who we are

Born out of necessity at the start of the ​covid-19 pandemic, we realized families ​who relied on cash incomes were no longer ​welcome in their employer’s homes out of ​fear, leaving them without funds for even ​the most basic essentials.

Through our connections with Help Me ​Grow and diligent contact tracers, as well as ​generous community donors, volunteers, ​and former client the Allied Foundation, we ​were able to provide door-to-door deliveries ​of diapers, wipes, and formula to those ​desperately in need or suffering with covid.

Now, we are providing upwards of 1000 ​deliveries annually.

Kerry Gillick-Goldberg

What people say about us

LETS CHEER FOR OUR TEAM!!!! ​We were able to assist 760 unique ​families access diapers and wipes ​in 2020! What a huge ​accomplishment especially during ​the pandemic. I will say that we ​this all could not have happened ​with out Baby Essentials of Long ​Island- BELI. Thank you for all of ​the hard work you do . If you are ​an agency/ program seeking hep ​for your families, please reach out ​to us via private message .

Thanks to your nursing pillow my ​baby is getting better with ​latching and I am so happy about ​it-And also I wish her weight ​would be back with the formula ​you gave and waiting for the ​doctor visit on this Saturday since ​she is already 14 days for ​tomorrow-All thanks to you my ​things get better and better ​everyday and I am so glad there ​are people like you who is helping ​people like us and still this is like a ​dream for me and yet trying to ​wake up from it because still I ​cannot believe I received all those ​things thanks to you.

Mom- Port Jefferson

What stories the media has shared


Long Island officials try to ease fears ​amid baby formula shortage

Monday, May 16, 2022

New York Live with Optimum.

Our friends at Optimum say “hey ​neighbor” and introduce us to Baby ​Essentials of Long Island- BELI.

Founder Kerry Gillick-Goldberg tells New ​York Live’s Sara Gore how the ​organization is making a difference. If you ​know someone who is inspiring hope and ​connecting your community during this ​time, head to optimum.com/heyneighbor!

So many thank you’s...

How to contact us

To check on an existing request, or if you have new or gently used items to donate, please email info@babyessentialsofli.org.

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